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Who We Are

WAV SYDNEY PTY LTD (ABN: 89 622 322 776) is an authorized Taxi Service Provider in Sydney with 2000+ fleet in our Network. We are in to different services/products and We have made quite a name for ourselves and we take pride in that.

  • We are committed to learning and understanding your business needs. We strive to build a relationship with every client so that our marketing strategies are tailored with the sole focus of resolving the troubles your business faces.
  • Reliable And On Time As we are othorized taxi network in Sydney city, we always provide on time taxi services to customers. Our reliablility expanded to different range of products and service which makes us top customer priority.
  • Largest Taxi Fleet With 10 years of taxi industry experience, WAV Sydney has driven the evolution of the taxi industry with cutting edge software tools and dispatch system. We have 2000+ taxis in our network to provide faster service to customers. WAV Sydney is focused on strong growth in the personal transport and Digtal Promotions.
  • Professional Drivers And Clean Cars Booking a taxi get really expensive at times during holiday seasons but we make sure that our fares are affordable for everyone. Plus, our services are flexible and fit the likes of the customers. Another thing to take note of is that we have hired professional drivers; it means that our drivers are familiar with the traffic patterns and city routes so that none of you can ever get stuck in a traffic.

Our Brands

We are in to different services/products and We have made quite a name for ourselves and we take pride in that.

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What We Provide

  • Travelling, one of the most common hobby found in many people across the world. People tend to travel to places that have rich history, culture, heritage, or for the love of food only. One such place is the city Sydney, Australia.BOOK YOUR RIDE NOW .


  • Digital Marketing It is our commitment to our clients that we use the best practices and continuously experiment with the latest innovations in the market. Marketing strategies are being developed to look for new and improved ways to reach web users with a message that affects them. Whether you come to us for a paid advertising job, improvement of SEO results or social media-related tasks, our diligent staff is constantly finding ways to come up with ingenious and fresh ideas to connect your brand to a new audience.
  • Web Development Your online presence can make or break your brand. We help you present your brand in a way that it pops up above everything else. Our agency knows the power of responsive websites. If your website is not optimized for PCs and mobile phones, you are losing more than 50% of your customers. We design responsive websites capable of adapting to any screen your consumers use to view it.
  • Pricing Model Our pricing varies according to the nature of each project. This is the reason we do not use a fixed pricing model. Each campaign that our company creates is tailored according to the client’s needs, their vision and our role in getting them there. If you’re interested in our services, contact us by phone call or visit us.


If you are ready to avail our services, contact us through phone call or email. Our sales consultants will get back to you in a very short time. For taxi enquiries call 1300 928 793.



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